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Teaching and Education Schools - Programs and Training

Everyone has a teacher they remember for one reason or another. Great teachers understand the needs of their students while inspiring and motivating them to learn. If you are planning to start a career as an educator, the information provided below may answer some questions you have.

What Training Do I Need for a Teaching Career?

Most jobs in the education and teaching profession require a minimum of a bachelor's degree as well as a teaching license. Depending on where you want to teach, there may be additional requirements:
  • Public School Teacher: teaching license, bachelor's degree from an approved teacher education program.
  • Special Education Teacher: teaching license, bachelor's degree minimum and completion of a special education teacher training program. Some states may require a master's degree.
  • Vocational Education Teacher: teaching license, bachelor's degree from a teacher education program (for middle and secondary school level).
Many states offer alternative licensing programs to make the teaching profession more attractive to those with degrees in other areas or those with related work experience.

What Is the Future of Teaching Careers?

  • Public School Teacher: high-demand fields, such as mathematics, science, and bilingual education, offer the best job opportunities as well as in less desirable urban or rural areas.
  • Special Education Teacher: with enrollment of special education students rising and a reported shortage of qualified teachers, job openings should be abundant.

Teaching and Education School Specialities