HVAC Certification May Lead to Six Figures

HVAC Certification May Lead to Six Figures

You might not realize it, but HVAC training and certification could be your ticket to a challenging career with a six-figure salary.

By Kelly Richardson
Trade-School.org Columnist

According to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, HVAC certification may be a ticket to earning upwards of $100,000 per year. Salaries start at $40,000 for HVAC niches. Here's how you can get your slice of the pie.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2006), "Job prospects for heating and air-conditioning mechanics and installers are expected to be excellent, particularly for those with training from an accredited technical school or with formal apprenticeship training." HVAC certification may benefit you by demonstrating your expertise and commitment to best practices.

HVAC Training

Here's what's in store for you once you earn your HVAC certification:

  • Where You'll Work. HVAC professionals are needed in sports arenas, shopping malls, private homes, factories, and industrial plants.
  • What You'll Do. Common job titles may include technicians, designers, sales and marketing specialists, engineers, research and development staff, and inspectors.
  • Freelance. Build up your client list and your expertise, then start your own HVAC company and be your own boss.

The HVAC Career Profile

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (2006) expects the demand for professional HVAC technicians with academic training and industry certification to increase dramatically over the next decade.

HVAC specialists may expect:

  • Training. Training includes apprenticeship plus 3 to 5 years of on-the-job training.
  • Salary Potential. Median hourly earnings may be above $17.43, the level in May 2004.
  • Job Growth. Jobs projected to increase faster than average for all occupations.

If you like to work with your hands and have an analytical mind, HVAC training may help you refine your skills. Couple that with accredited certification, and you may have a solid set of skills that you may use to market yourself to potential employers.  Start the process by building the foundation of your education through schools that offer students a chance to earn an online high school diploma.


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