Opportunities in Desktop Publishing and Design

Opportunities in Desktop Publishing and Design

If you have a computer and some basic communication skills, you may make good money as a desktop publishing and design professional.

by Kelly Richardson
Trade School Columnist

You're a frustrated writer, longing for the attention of a captive reader. Or maybe you're a paper napkin doodler, always ready with a quick sketch. Either way, you may have what it takes to be a desktop publisher or designer.

DesktopPro: Publishing and Design

According to a recent report on publishing trends in the next century, "Delivery of book contents online is potentially a multi-billion dollar market which, despite recent advances in desktop publishing and Internet, is still relatively untapped." As consumers become accustomed to instant downloads for informational products, expect to see increasing demand in the following areas:

  • Business Writing. In the realm of desktop publishing, business writing includes direct mail, web copy, sales letters, and informational brochures.
  • Graphic Design. Graphic design is the most commonly known desktop design niche, encompassing web design, product catalogs, and magazines.
  • Ghost Authoring. For the more experienced professionals, ghostwriting offers can be some of the highest paying projects in the publishing field.

Desktop Publishing Tools

One of the ways to ready yourself for the position is to become familiar with various desktop publishing and design tools. The basic applications are:

  • MS Office. An intuitive collection of word processing and design tools.
  • Adobe Creative. Desktop design's ultimate web authoring program.
  • Corel Design. A good publishing and design tool for beginners in the field.

Because desktop publishing and design is in its infancy, there has never been a better time to enter the field. Creativity and training are the keys to success in the industry.

About the Author

Kelly Richardson covers the local education and technology scenes in major cities across the country. His articles appear in educational journals, periodicals, and e-zines.


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